Childish Gambino Announces Mixtape ‘S T N M T N’


So Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover just posted this picture on Instagram that supposedly is a new mixtape that is coming out of no where. To double check that this was indeed a mixtape I went over to his blog and it was there minutes later. ‘S T N M T N’ or ‘Stone Mountain’ is an interesting choice for a name due to it’s physical location. It’s Bino’s hometown which makes a lot of sense why it would be a mixtape title instead of a song title. It’s also another Atlanta reference with the last one being ‘Candler Road,’ a track he released recently. Candler Road and Stone Mountain are 27 minutes away from each other, so will we have more ATL inspired song titles?

Now to address who the hell Gangsta Grillz is. It looks like Gangsta Grillz is another name for DJ Drama, the dude who puts out like every mixtape ever. If you want to hear more about that info, go here.

At the bottom of this picture though, there is another title, which is ‘Kauai.’ I’m thinking this will be Glover’s next short film and it says it will be featuring Jaden Smith as ‘The Boy.’ This of course is referring to the ‘because the internet’ screenplay. Bino has mentioned ‘Kauai’ in four previous songs (Telegraph Ave, Poundcake Freestyle, Real Estate, & Trinidad James’s Ea$tside) and it’s known as one of his favorite places to chill.

We will see more details to come but whenever Gambino goes to Instagram we should pay attention.

Look at the Twitter announcement after the jump!

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