The Chainsmokers – Polkadots (Original Mix) [Free Download]

The Chainsmokers finally give us another original but it’s FREE! This follows up “Kanye” which is out now and their new mix series with Siriux XM, “Nice Hair.”

“Quickie From US- So we made this track about 6 months ago and have been playing it every set of ours since. Its a big room fun energetic song that is perfect for any dance set. Obviously its not our traditional vocal indie style but we like to get weird and do that whole put your hands up thing too, is that such a crime… Plus whatever its free so if you dont like it dont listen to it! But we wanted to put something out for free and we get tons of messages about this song and when we will release it, so…wonder no more!

Quickie From John Locklan of FB- ‘IF YOU RELEASE POLKADOTS I WILL SEND YOU A MILLION DOLLARS…’ Well John, we expect that check to be mailed out in the care of The Chainsmokers LLC.

Support from:
Martin Garrix

Download: The Chainsmokers – Polkadots (Original Mix)


1) We originally had the RHCP Give it away vocal over this tune…
2) Due to particular weather conditions on Neptune and Uranus it literally rains diamonds
3) You can buy pills of gold on the internet for 400 bucks that make your poop glitter cold…
4) We have a HUGE surprise at our EZOO show Sunday Mainstage East at 3:45PM
5)There is an exclusive version with Waka Flocka on the track!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!