Get Ready For Ads “On Soundcloud”

ads on soundcloud fita

Cha Ching! Is what Soundcloud is saying, as well as artists, labels, and, well, potentially anyone else with a Premier account.

The popular streaming service has just made quite possibly it’s biggest announcement to date.

Introducing On Soundcloud, their new “creator partner network.” Think YouTube and their structure.

What does this mean? It means that creators will be able to make money on Soundcloud! That’s right, artists now have a new revenue stream. There are plenty of other perks, read the overview and creator guide for more details.

It’s invite only for now in the US with just a few advertising partners, but well keep you updated as they roll it out to more and more.

And as for the users – the fans and listeners, this does mean a slight inconvinience, but just keep in mind that you are helping the artists make money, simply by listening.

What do you think, big moves, or not?

See the full announcement letter HERE:


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