Does Every Martin Garrix Song Sound The Same? Listen, And Decide For Yourself

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2013 and 2014 have been the years of Martin Garrix. Releasing several, massive tracks in the past few years, Garrix is EDM’s future and superstar.

This surfaced a little while ago, but someone decided that all of Garrix’s tracks sounded the same. Interesting to say the least. So to prove this theory, someone played Animals, Wizard, Helicopter, Tremor, and Proxy on top of each other creating a massive mashup. Honestly, the track (mashup) itself doesn’t sound that bad, but it’s also a little confusing to hear hear five of Martin’s top tracks played at the same time, cause you want to follow Proxy, but you hear Animals too…then you want to follow Animals, but you heard Tremor. You get the point. Check it out for yourself and decide what you think about Garrix making “the same” tracks over and over again.

Every Martin Garrix Song at once by Daniel Taibleson on Mixcloud

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