Birdman’s Lifestyle: Versace Lighters, Golden iPhones, and Designer Everything

Birdman lives an extravegant lifestyle, as can be expected of YMCMB‘s head Stunna. Baby stunts so hard on the rap game as is, meaning he stunts on an unfathomable level compared to all us mere peons. In the latest episode of “Rich Gang – Flashy Lifestyle” we get a view into Birdman’s Los Angeles condo which just so happends to be outfitted with designer decor to the drapes.

When the Cash Money Millionaire isn’t displaying his versace lighter and golden iPhones he is showing of his view of Los Angeles. While explaining the reverse economics that come with living Birdman‘s lifestyle he lists all the designers and the day of the week they come by to drop off their latest collection.

At end the video, the scene changes to footage of Birdman behind the scenes of a new Young Thug video with Paris Hilton. While shooting the video at the LA crib we see scenes of Thugger with Paris as well as Birdman telling us to look out for Paris on the Rich Gang album.

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