Above & Beyond – Good For Me (Mysto & Pizzi Remix) [Free Download]

I’m a big fan of Above & Beyond. I just love the feeling you get when you’re listening to one of the tracks that they’ve so masterfully crafted, and typically I don’t think that the tracks can get much better than the Above & Beyond originals. That being said, I’ve got to give credit to Mysto & Pizzi. Yesterday they released this gorgeous remix of “Good For Me,” and I just haven’t stopped feeling the vibes ever since. I don’t think anyone can explain the sound as well as they can.

We’ve always loved the original Above & Beyond “Good for Me” tune and decided to do our own take on it for fun to reflect the way we feel at the moment and share with you all. We tried to fuse some of our favorite genres into one and this is what we ended up with, a hybrid of all sorts. Close your eyes, turn this up and let it take you away!

Take their advice and enjoy the track above, and while you’re at it, scope the free download below.

Download: Above & Beyond – Good For Me (Mysto & Pizzi Remix)

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