Next Big Thing For EDM? 3D Music Festival


Where can we possibly take music festivals next? How about we make them 3D? That is what’s happening on November 1st in the city I live; Providence, Rhode Island. 3DM Dance Music Festival will take place at the Dunkin Donuts Center and will hold approximately 6000 for the event. I expect a one of a kind event.

The arena will sport massive LED panels to enhance the visuals. The panels will be both above and surrounding the sides of the 3D area. This creates a whole environment around you. The venue will still have your traditional DJ atop a booth on stage. The user will wear 3D glasses and be immersed in an evironment like no other.

Co-founder Simon Dursunian captures the spirit perfectly, “dance music is unity; everybody is experiencing the lights and the sounds in a connected vibe. The audience becomes one. Meshing the music, the dancing, the crowd and the visuals is going to be a mind-bending journey. This is the next big thing for the community.”

I’m excited and cannot wait for a lineup announcement. Be sure to keep it locked on FITA for the latest news on 3DM Dance Music Festival.

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