Zhu – Cocaine Model (Bender Remix) [Free Download]

ZHU‘s “Cocaine Model” gets a little more upbeat and house-ier thanks to Bender.

Hitting 10k fans warrants a party with some cocaine models…but since i don’t do coke, and i don’t know any models, remixing Zhu seemed like the next best thing to do!

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Download: Zhu – Cocaine Model (Bender Remix)

Fun facts:

-Fun fact, my girlfriend is in Zhu’s music video for this song! She received an email, and was casted for it shortly after i made this remix. Small world, right lol? She’s the girl who dances in the night club…look for her! :)

-Rumor has it that Zhu wrote this song for Lindsay Lohan after their romantic get away to Paris.

-According to the grapevine, Steve Irwin wasn’t actually killed by a stingray. The ongoing conspiracy argues that he passed away while filming a documentary on the wild cocaine model. The footage consisted of Steve following the models in their natural habitat, while carefully examining all of their animalistic habits. Sadly, while the filming was in progress, its believed that Steve was trampled in a stampede of cocaine models fighting over kale chips & cigarettes. The surviving crew knew that if Steve’s discoveries became public, the cocaine models would retaliate. So the footage was destroyed, & the story was hidden from the public forever.

(*This is just a joke. I have no intentions what so ever of offending anyone, especially my Australian fans. Steve Irwin was, and still is a legend. RIP.*)

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!