SOPHIE – Lemonade

This just screams eargasm. I have never heard anything quite like SOPHIE‘s “Lemonade” and something tells me I never will – except all the remixes that better f*cking happen because a 1:58 long track is nowhere near long enough. But seriously, this is so weird sounding that it’s awesome, and then the break, is super catchy and addictive, and truly does remind me of lemonade, or at least summer flavored beer.

“Lemonade” will be a followup to “Bipp“, which the anonymous producer released in 2013 and it made some major waves. We don’t know much about SOPHIE, but pretty sure this is just the beginning, and we’ll be hearing much more soon (or at least I hope). This is out 8/4.

iTunes: SOPHIE – Lemonade/Hard

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