Lupe Fiasco Trolled Fans With “Next To It” Video, It Was Actually Coucheron’s “Deep End”

Clearly Lupe approves of Coucheron‘s “Deep End” featuring Eastside & Mayer Hawthorne, and you should too. He took to FB and shared this which looked like it was going to be the music video for “Next To It” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. And he fooled us. And we don’t mind one bit. Now we know he just ment “next” to blow up.

I had heard of Coucheron before but never really gave him a chance. As you can now tell, he’s an electronic/indie sounding artist that makes fan-f*cking-tasticly chill music, especially when you throw in Eastside and Mayer Hawthorne. I’m sure you will enjoy “Deep End” and I’m just as sure this isn’t he last you’ll be hearing of Coucheron.

iTunes: Coucheron – Deep End (Ft. Eastside & Mayer Hawthorne)

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