Diplo Confirms Jack U Mixtape With Skrillex & More In Reddit AMA


Diplo has been pretty busy as of late. He just released his Random White Dude Be Everywhere compilation album, last week previewed new music as Jack U, assisted in the production of Yellow Claw’s new hit “Techno,” and of course, remixed Lorde’s “Tennis Court.”

And now, he takes to reddit for an Ask Me Anything in which we learned some pretty amazing things about Mad Decent‘s front man. It seems hard at times to comprehend the scale at which Diplo operates. This appearance on Reddit gives us some insight into how much he is actually involved in.

Below are some of the more interesting things pulled from the AMA:

random white dude

Jack U

Skrillex and Diplo, aka Jack U have a mixtape coming out. In the AMA Diplo details his freindship with Skrillex, gives confirmation for the Jack U mixtape, and reveals a few of those to appear on the project. Remember the track he premiered in Paris.

skrillex diplo meet

Take Me There” is said to be the first single and “El Cuco” is the other song mentioned by Diplo.

jack U deets

Diplo is no stranger to collaborating with the biggest names in music. Lord Yeezus himself and Iggy Azalea are two of the artists mentioned.

watch the throne


Diplo looks forward to participating in Deadmau5′ Coffee Run Youtube series where Deadmau5 takes some of the most creative minds in music and other celebrities to Tim Hortons for a cup of joe.

coffee with deadma5

Diplo even takes on some of the biggest topics in EDM. How he is trying to get disqualified from the controversial DJ Mag top 100 is one secret that he is keeping secret.

dj mag

Mad Decent leader addresses ghost producing and calls it the holy spirit of EDM.

ghost producers


Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!