Dyro Founds WOLV Records, Teases First Release

Last year’s highest new entry in the DJ Mag polls at #30, Dyro, has had one hell of a year… and aims to take things to the next level by starting up his own artist imprint, WOLV. And to kick things off, he will be releasing a self-titled single August 11th, which you can preview now.

It will be interesting to see how he applies his unique blend of reveting electro and progressive chunage as a “new generation of dance music” hits the scene.

In an industry where the over-saturation of music is an unavoidable issue across any genre, WOLV’s primary mission is to be the raging forerunner for the new generation of dance music, standing apart from the limitations and restrictions that many artists face, as well as what many labels hone in on.

Extended preview:

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