Justin Bieber Hits The Studio To Record Deep House Tracks?


Oh where to begin on this one. Word on the street is the Bieb’s is in the studio testing out his skills in the EDM world, recording several “Deep House” tracks. Now before we all book our tickets to Mars, lets take a look at the big picture here. Paris Hilton had her stint as a DJ and that was an epic fail. Sasha Grey just recently went from cuffs to cue buttons, and that was a total disaster. Now we have the Bieb’s dipping his toes in the EDM waters, and quite honestly, I think this takes the cake. I mean, I already bought my presale Coachella tickets for next year, and if I find out that the Biebs is headlining with Calvin Harris or Hardwell, I’m going to GIVE away my ticket. Not a shot in hell will I attend a show with Justin Bieber pressing play on some CDJ’s. I feel like this is the Lebron – “Miami” announcement, but instead, Bieber is taking his talents to the EDM world. Fuck all of us!

Bottom line, it doesn’t get more mainstream then JB trying his stint in house music, but what do I know…I’m just an unruly fan who’s entirely jealous that he has Selena on lockdown. Now that I think about it, if Justin could get Selena on the vocals for one of his tracks, I think we could be on to something. I also want to know what Deadmau5 thinks of this, don’t you? Check out his samples on Instagram after the jump…oh ya and none of them are “deep house,” btw.

Justin’s Deep House Tracks On Instagram:

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