TomorrowLand Expands To Brazil In 2015, Dates Announced!


The World Cup has just wrapped up a few days ago but that’s not all the action Brazil will be getting. Dates have been released for TomorrowLand in São Paulo! From May 1st to 3rd in 2015. And… David Guetta actually announced the expansion during his set earlier today (video after the jump).

But why does Brazil get to use that name whlie the US edition went by TomorrowWorld? Maybe because Disney has a part of its theme park named Tomorrowland? The original festival in Belgium just ended a few moments ago, but you can relive the magic through the rebroadcast, as well as all the live sets. Of course, there’s also Weekend 2 next week!

For more news and to officially pre-register, check out the newly launched, official website.


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