Dada Life Release New Single “One Smile” [Official Music Video]

Dada Life - One Smile

When we teased Dada Life‘s new single “One Smile,” it received 23 10/10 votes, which nowadays is pretty rare for a “big” EDM artist. It probably had something to do with it’s change of pace, and it’s unexpected resemblance to Daft Punk‘s more electronic chunes. The single is seriously catchy, and preaches the same care free, we don’t give a f*ck attitude that Dada Life are known for. While the production isn’t quite as turned up and as rage friendly as usual, the finished product is simply put, awesome. You can totally still dance and vibe out to it. Can’t wait to hear it live.

The music video features cameos from Macklemore, Martin Garrix, Carnage, Dyro and more, so you know it’s going to be intresting to say the least.

“We were in Australia this spring for Future Music Festival,” the group explains. “We have always loved the energy there so we had a camera crew follow us around the festival and in Melbourne on an off-day between shows to capture us and our fans spreading happiness by having people wear the smile masks. We’ve been giving the masks out at our shows for a while now and seeing all of those happy faces is so amazing for us that we thought we could use the video to show everyone how great it feels. The Citizens of Dada Land who you see in the video are really who made it all happen!”

iTunes: Dada Life – One Smile

WATCH: Dada Life “One Smile” Music Video:

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