We Got To Hangout With Borgore & Waka Flocka, Here’s What Happened


Last month we got to hangout with Borgore at his hotel and ask him some questions. Last week we had the pleasure of attending Borgore‘s #NEWGOREORDER Tour when he, along with Riggi & Piros, Botnek, Michael Woods, and Waka Flocka Flame, came to party at Governors Island in NYC! Not only was the day filled with talented artists and great music, but there was also the Miss Buygore (Ratchet) Pageant 2014! View the full Phinger Photography photo album HERE.


As we got off the ferry, the energy was already so high even though it was mid afternoon, and very hot. We grabbed a drink and headed to the stage to see the homies Riggi & Piros. They had the task of opening for what will be an insane night; and they definitely succeeded. Dropping tons of ‘festival’ bangers, perfect sing-along edits, and of course their own signature style tracks, the boys really got the crowd going and excited for the rest of the night!
Personal Highlight: When they played their track ‘Elephant’


Next up was the dynamic duo of Botnek. You could tell they were really hyped and excited to be there, and that energy bounced right back off the fans as everyone went absolutely crazy. With high flying electro tracks packed with awesome drops, the crowd was eating up every second of the duo’s set. This was my first time seeing the boys live and trust me, it definitely won’t be my last. Go see BOTNEK ASAP; you won’t regret the decision.
Personal Highlight: When they played their remix to ‘Selfie’


Next up: the Miss Buygore (Ratchet) Pageant 2014

After Miss Buygore 2014 was crowned and handed $1000 cash, we headed to hangout with Borgore & Waka Flocka Flame!


After chatting with Borgore & Flocka, we headed back to the stage to watch the two of them destroy the rest of the night!
Highlight – The giant mosh pit that formed and didn’t go away for quite some time!

Overall it was an awesome night, Borgore’s #NEWGOREORDER sounded fucking amazing, and now everyone can purchase the amazing album! Really can’t wait to see what these guys will be doing next so stay tuned!!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!