Sasha Grey: From Handcuffs To Headphones, Now an EDM DJ

sasha grey porn star edm dj

Unlike going off on a rant like I do with Paris Hilton, I actually condone this news. I mean, Sasha Grey has to be one of the most liked broads on the planet from her days in porn…she’s a legend and no one can deny that. Looks like Sasha has traded in the handcuffs, latex, and whatever else comes to mind (pervs…) for some headphones and CDJ’s.

Releasing a half hour mix the other day on Soundcloud, Sasha dabbles in the progressive EDM world and actually does a half-decent job. Peep her set below and check out any other porn site for Sasha’s notorious profession. Looks likes the cuffs are off and the cue buttons are on!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!