Who Run The World? “Beyoncé Voters” Tumblr Does

The internet strikes again in the wake of Fox correspondent Jesse Watters’ comments about single women who rely on the government for handouts, calling them “Beyoncé voters” (which would normally be a huge compliment – but not in this context). Because Unmarried women are clearly drains on the government since they require contraception and can’t provide for themselves right?

Cue Beyoncé Voters, a Tumblr page that pairs Beyoncé lyrics with pictures of prominent political figures and events to make some pretty hard-hitting statements. One picture shows a package of birth control pills with “All I’m Really Asking For Is You” stamped across it in the signature Beyoncé font.
Fox News: 0. Beyoncé Voters: 1. *Sasha Fierce snap*

Check out additional pics below!

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