ZHU Gets More “Faded” w/ TACHES, Lido, ODESZA, AMTRAC & The Magician [The Remixes]

iTunes: ZHU – Faded (The Remixes) | THE NIGHTDAY EP

As if ZHU‘s “Faded” wasn’t a big enough hit already, his team enlisted the likes of TACHES, Lido, ODESZA, AMTRAC and The Magician for a funky, futuristic, electronic remix package. Like, seriously? How are we supposed to handle this? Just hit play and get #faded.

In addition to those prolific producers, we’ve added two additional noteworthy takes into our SC set, one by our boy Sean Dee, and one you’ve surely been hearing live, by Steve James. Be sure to check out ZHU’s entire THE NIGHTDAY EP if you haven’t yet as well.

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