Skizzy Mars – Used To Be The Shit (Remix) [Free Download]

With each and every release, Skizzy Mars continues to show that he’s one of the most talented hip-hop artists out there. His new remix of the Miniature Tigers hit song “Used To Be The Shit” is no exception. Skizzy not only kills the rapping verses with his signature flow, but he sings a tremendous hook that really ties a bow on the track as a whole. The way he can talk about what I’m assuming is a pretty touchy subject (a girl he used to love) on such a laid back hip-hop track not only shows how talented an artist/lyricist he is, but also how versatile he can be behind the mic. Skizzy once again proves why he’s arguably my favorite rapper at the moment, and with songs like “Used To Be The Shit”, it won’t be long before he’s everyone else’s favorite as well.

Free Download: Skizzy Mars – Used To Be The Shit (Remix)

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