You Gotta Hear This New Bassnectar Album, ‘Noise vs. Beauty’ [Stream]

You’ve heard a few previews of Noise vs. Beauty from electronic music legend Bassnectar. And while I’m sure you enjoyed every single track, you probably noticed how “experimental” the project was starting to sound. Well, the experiment more than paid off. What you get with NVSB is an electronic work of art.

In order to complete the album, Bassnectar had to take 6 months off from touring – something if you’ve seen first hand, you know he fully enjoys. He took this time to find new songwriting techniques as well as test out new instruments and sounds.

“After I got songs together that sounded like Bassnectar songs to my ears, I remixed them as only acoustic guitar, piano and my vocals… I took those interpretations of my songs and I sent them to MCs, vocalists, singer-songwriters, indie bands, and started working on these new personalities with these other people and collaborated with over 50 people” he told Rolling Stone.

And the product, is Noise vs. Beauty, a clash of electronic sounds, beautiful vocals, and even some rap all packaged in a 15 song LP that gets officially released tomorrow, June 24th – but you can stream it after the jump today!

“It’s almost like if music is the message, noise is the vessel that carries the message,” Bassnectar said of the album’s title. “The two can really fuse together, they can oppose, because noise can be hectic and annoying and screechy, haunting, frightening. Beauty can be calming, loving, ethereal, enchanting, inspiring, but the two can come together in these combinations that are worth theming a record over.


iTunes: Bassnectar – Noise vs. Beauty (Album)


Full stream for now only on Rolling Stone.

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