ABC’s New Music Reality TV Show ‘Rising Star’ Puts The Power In Your Hands

Premiering tonight on ABC (at the same time as NBC’s America’s Got Talent), the new music reality show Rising Star is taking a new approach. They enlisted the help of Ludacris, Kesha, Brad Paisley and Josh Groban, who only make up 7% of the final vote.

The concept is pretty simple… instead of judges (or behind the scenes $ concerned owners and statisticians) deciding the outcome, and making you wait till the following week to learn of the outcome, Rising Star puts the power in your hands. While you watch the performers live, YOU vote, in REAL TIME, using an app.

Simply tune in at 9:00 PM, Sunday June 22nd (now), download the app below, and vote on up and coming talent you think deserves to move on. And as you vote, your face may show up on live TV. Oh, and no, we weren’t asked to post about this, just think it’s a cool, game changing concept that maybe our audience would be interested in. Check it out!

Download: Rising Star App

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