The Knocks Ft. Sneaky Sound System – The One (Dave Edwards Remix) [Free Download]

I’ll just let Dave Edwards do the talking…but this track is awesome (…my two cents).

Where to start with this one…this is the fourth remix I’ve done for The Knocks, and I think its safe to say after this there’s something awesome going on when we do something together. Not that they need any introduction at this point but The Knocks are a duo from NYC who consistently put out incredible tunes and although we make very different kinds of music I think we’re both inspired by a lot of the same things. Sneaky Sound System always manages to deliver epic vocals that lend themselves very well to being remixed, and when I first heard “The One” I got inspired pretty much instantly. As I often do with my remixes, I decided to take the track from a more serious and minor-key tone into a uplifting major progression, and this remix combines a lot of my current influences into a track that has a lot of different sounds all working as one (and no I did not mean to create a horrible pun there). This remix was an insane amount of work, my Ableton session was around 250 tracks for this one, but it was worth it – this is by far my favorite track I’ve done to date and something I hope you guys will be listening to for a long time to come.

Free Download: The Knocks Ft. Sneaky Sound System – The One (Dave Edwards Remix)

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