Trap Thursday? (Ft. Bro Safari, UZ, J.Rabbit and more) [Vol 85]


Welcome back to another great installment of Trap Tuesday [Thursday Edition]. Today we have a MASSIVE amount of tracks that’ll help you Run The Trap from Bro Safari x UFO! x Beauty Brain, UZ, J.Rabbit, San Dalva, Tomsize, Lookas, Andiba & Hyphee, Kicks N Licks, Tegi X Andres Fresko, Rickyxsan, Hipshaker, XOXO, iLLcasso, Creaky Jackals, Onderkoffer, ResearChemicals, Dreamer, Neighborhood Watch, RVLVR, Jikay & Massappeals, Big Z, Matstubs, Sevnty, Damn Wright & Kickraux, PUSHER., Bleep Bloop, Moonbeat, 3 throwback jams from Ruen & Mister Gray, TheCasaBrothers & Enzo Picardi, and Digital Product, and a 4 track birthday pack from AWE!


Download: Trap Thursday? 6/19 .ZIP Folder

Download: Bro Safari x UFO! x Beauty Brain – No Control

Download: Revolusion (UZ Remix)

Download: JRabbit – Lounge Lizard

Download: Lethal Industry (San Dalva Remix)

Download: Come On To Me (Tomsize Remix)

Download: The Chainsmokers – #Selfie (Botnek Remix)(Lookas Trap Edit)

Download: Jay Hardway-Bootcamp (Andiba & Hyphee Festival Trap Remix)

Download: Iggy Azalea – Work (Kicks N Licks Remix)

Download: Nervo – Sunshine through Rain Clouds (Tegi X Andres Fresko Trap Remix)

Download: Secret (Rickyxsan Remix)

Download: Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man (Hipshaker Remix)

Download: XOXO – Drumline

Download: Gold Skies (iLLcasso Trap Remix)

Download: Elephant (iLLcasso Trap Remix)

Download: Creaky Jackals – Addicted

Download: Wiggle (Onderkoffer Remix)

Download: Drowning (ResearChemicals Remix)

Download: Shake (Dreamer Remix)

Download: The Underground (Neighborhood Watch Festival Trap Remix)

Download: Bang Bang Splash

Download: Jikay & Massappeals – 100 Million

Download: 0 to 100 (Big Z Remix)

Download: Timekeeper (FT CHAIN$AW HUEY)

Download: Sevnty – Breath

Download: Twerk Somethin

Download: PUSHER. – Feel U

Download: Pacman (Bleep Bloop Remix)

Download: Moonbeat – Dreamcatcher

Download: Da Dip (Ruen & Mister Gray Remix)

Download: Get Low (TheCasaBrothers & Enzo Picardi Remix)

Download: Back That Azz Up (Digital Product Twerk Remix)

Download: AWE – Clickk Em

Download: Trilingual Dance Sexperience (AWE Bootleg)

Download: Raw Cartoons 2 (AWE Bootblah)

Download: Buy U A Drink (AWE’s Marty McFly Bootleg)

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!