Mike Stud – Even Steven (Hoodie Allen Diss Pt. 2) (Official Music Video) [Free Download]

For those of you keeping score at home, Mike Stud has just released a response to Hoodie Allen‘s response to Mike’s response to Hoodie’s diss. Got it? Okay good. Now that everyone is up to speed with this legendary beef, let’s discuss “Even Steven”.

If Mike was gonna come back at Hoodie he had to do it right, and my God he did just that. I honestly didn’t know if Mike could recover after what Hoodie did to him on “Little League”, but he just dropped arguably the funniest diss yet. The fact that the title ties in Hoodie’s real name (Steven Markowitz), remixes the Oompa Loompa song (taking an obvious shot at Hoodie’s height), has an accompanying video with pictures of Hoodie, and takes hilariously cheap shots at Hoodie’s younger fans (which is kinda mean but it’s all things go at this point) makes “Even Steven” a ridiculously good diss track and the newest installment in a feud that has been a joy to watch unfold.

Free Download: Mike Stud – Even Steven

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