Mike Stud – 0 To 100 (Remix) (Hoodie Allen Diss) [Free Download]

OH SHIT! After Hoodie Allen dropped a bomb yesterday with “Nolan Ryan”, which contained punchlines at the expense of Riff Raff, G-Eazy, and Mike Stud, Mike decided to take to SoundCloud to release a diss track of his own. His remix of “0 To 100” is meant for no purpose other than to diss Hoodie, and consider it accomplished. His shots range from Hoodie’s size (“homie, I was your size back in kindergarten”), Hoodie’s former job at Google (“was it worth it to quit? It’s ironic that you left Google, but you still searching for hits”), and Hoodie using the wrong player on his cover art for “Nolan Ryan” (“I really tried to get along with you, but like the artwork for your song, you had the wrong picture”). What do you guys think? Who won? Will we hear anything else from Hoodie? All I know is that this is turning into quite the legendary feud.

Check out both their Twitter pages below to see what they’ve been saying to each other (as well as what Hoodie said to Riff Raff before Jody deleted his tweets).

Free Download: Mike Stud – 0 To 100 (Remix)

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