Hoodie Allen – Little League (Mike Stud Diss) [Free Download]

Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast. For those of you living under a rock these past 2 days, lemme give you a run-down of what’s taking place. Yesterday, Hoodie Allen made a song titled “Nolan Ryan”, which was a straight up rap song that include lines dissing G-Eazy, Riff Raff, and Mike Stud. Jody Highroller didn’t take too kindly to the diss, and went on a hysterical Twitter rampage at the expense of Hoodie.

Mike didn’t enjoy it either, so he released a remix of “0 To 100” a couple hours ago as a diss to Hoodie. It was a tremendous song with some great punchlines, so you knew Hoodie wouldn’t take that quietly. As the newest installment in what is turning into the craziest beef Frat Rap/White Rap/whatever you want to call it has ever seen, Hoodie dropped “Little League”, a response to Mike’s diss that was a response to Hoodie’s diss. It’s a remix of Mike’s remix of “Hold On We’re Going Home” (I think????) I don’t even know anymore, man. Judge for yourself. All I know is that there are some next level disses going on here. I know Hoodie is a great lyricist, but holy hell. Mike brought it, and now Hoodie definitely brought it, and we’re all winners. I think. All we need now is for G-Eazy and/or Riff Raff to make a response track and we’ll really be rolling.

Free Download: Hoodie Allen – Little League

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