THE HEYDAZE – City Girl (Official Music Video)

THE HEYDAZE aka Hey Day aka the guys who sing Adderall aka the singer from Upper West (woah a lot to think about right?) are back and better than ever with a new music video for their song, “City Girl”, and a new name, THE HEYDAZE. Just in time for the entire college population to pick up and move to NYC these guys released a sick music video filled with NYC jargon and awesome city views.

You might be wondering.. why the name change but don’t worry we got you covered. A few days ago they brought us in the loop and posted on their Facebook..


So some guys in suits told us we had to change our name. We did. And we think it’s dope. If you’re not with it, that’s cool. If you are, we’re dropping a MUSIC VIDEO on Tuesday.


No matter what their name is we’re down.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!