Clean Bandit – Rather Be (Elephante Remix) [Free Download]

Not much to say about this one but, WOW! Another Elephante track that doesn’t fail to impress as he takes after Clean Bandit’s track “Rather Be” and turns it into a perfect progressive edit. Here’s what Tim had to say about the track:

So every now and then there’s a song that turns me into a six year old, just a super embarrassing giggling puddle of happiness, and makes me want to go roll around in a park and eat popsicles and stuff. “Rather Be” is that song. Couldn’t help but want to remix it, but it took me awhile to figure out how to treat a song I think is pretty much perfect. About 1000 weird noises and squawks later, really psyched with how it turned out… Enjoy!

Free Download: Clean Bandit – Rather Be (Elephante Remix)

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