Matisyahu – Akeda (Album Stream) [Out Now]

The latest album from Matisyahu has a plethora of sounds and styles all rolled up into his signature sound. Akeda contains the usual elements of reggae and hip hop along with more pop sounding production. Have no fear though. I can’t see Matisyahu as a ‘sellout’ candidate. Some might already say he has, given the last couple of releases. His message has not changed and he continues to use music to spread positivity and insight. The music will always change and that’s part of any artists journey.

Notable tracks include “Watch The World Melt Down” with energetic horns and that Matisyahu rap flow. Collie Buddz makes an appearance on the album in “Confidence“. And lastly, I’d like to point out “Black Heart” which is reggae to the absolute core. Grab your copy on iTunes!

iTunes: Matisyahu – Akeda (Album)

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