Watch The Originial Music Video Of “Ten Feet Tall” From Stephen Wrabel

Since most of you haven’t been living under a rock for the past year, you know that Stephen Wrabel jumped on board with Afrojack to collab and create one of this year’s anthems – “Ten Feet Tall.” Little do people know, that “Ten Feet Tall” was an original from Stephen Wrabel, and today, we’ve got the official music video to the original track. Quoted by Wrabel:

“Sherif had such a creative vision from the start, and was able to really capture visually what [co-writer] Chris Braide and I tried to capture lyrically and melodically with the song,” says Wrabel. “I mean, it’s all about falling in love. Those first minutes, hours, days, weeks when anything and everything feels possible.”

The music video is both moving and inspiring, and to be honest, I might like it better than the Afrojack video. Clearly a lot of detail and effort went into the making of this video…take a view of the masterpiece.

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