Kaskade Loses The Majority Of His SoundCloud Content, Plans To Create Own Music Platform

Kaskade Soundcloud

Young artists and amateur mashup DJ’s have all received the dreaded SoundCloud automative emails, citing instances of copyright infringement and the removals of various tracks. Typically, this was something really only experienced at the amateur level, that is until Kaskade, an industry veteran with respect around the board, received an almost harassing amount of emails and messages from the online music platform, citing that he too had disobeyed the Creative Commons Licensing agreements. After 32 emails in just two or three days, 70% of the content on Kaskade’s SoundCloud account had been removed, leaving it all but lifeless, and prompting the veteran producer to consider creating his own online music platform.

This newly found campaign by SoundCloud to protect the rights of labels has the potential to deter up-and-coming producers, and has even now affected the likes of major artists. Luckily for Kaskade, Ultra, one of the most powerful labels in the world of electronic music, has his back, and has vowed to see the content added back to his account. Until then, we’ll all have to watch this new conversation play out, and see if artists and labels can come to an agreement on creative licensing, before SoundCloud and other platforms are forced to remove the content that artists love to share, and that we love to enjoy.

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