FITA Goes To Mysteryland: Interviews from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Zomboy, Figure, Let’s Be Friends & More [Massive Review, Photos, Videos]


Mysteryland dates back to 1993 and is now the world’s longest-running dance festival. With a clear focus on culture, art, talent, creativity and sustainability, the festival takes visitors to inspiring and surprising worlds where literally anything is possible. So during Memorial Day Weekend, my girlfriend Izzy and I went to the first ever Mysteryland USA and it was absolutely glorious. I honestly couldn’t have pictured a better way to celebrate my birthday. If you would like to see the massively awesome photo album from The Middle Phinger, click HERE.

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From the first moment we approached the Woodstock / Mysteryland USA grounds, we could feel the welcoming energy and excitement. Residents had posted signs on their front lawns that read “Welcome Mysteryland Visitors!” and we also saw a family outside selling lemonade to the line of cars waiting to enter. As we got closer to the parking area, although it was as early as 11am and the camping site had just opened, there were people blasting music from their cars, cheering, waving flags, and walking between the rows of cars with huge smiles plastered on their faces – some jumping with excitement when running into another anxious Mysteryland guest that they knew.

Upon unloading our car, a group next to us said “Hey neighbor would you like some beers?” and we clinked bud light cans as a toast to the magical weekend ahead of us. When we began setting up our tent at the Holy Ground campsite, we witnessed those helping others who were having some trouble with their own camping gear; We immediately felt the overall friendly atmosphere. As more people arrived, the Holy Ground pre-party with Nicky Romero, Tritonal, Vicetone and others had began. People were dancing to the music inside the tent while others were relaxing on hammocks that were set up near the food vendors. As the sun went down the flow toys and lights began to emerge. So many hoop dancers with various LED hoops began showing each other their moves, hooping for bystanders, and allowing others to use their hoops. Poi spinners and staff twirlers were doing the same. We also saw a tarp full of people exchanging light shows with their gloves, each receiving a hug and a smile from those who were filled with joy from the show they were given.


When we woke up on Saturday, we heard the Holy Ground erupt with cheers- the sun had come out! It was impossible to not feed off of everyone else’s energy. At every stage we attended, we could always find people shuffling, stomping, jumping, two stepping, on others shoulders, as well as sitting in the grass bopping their heads to the beat of the music. It seemed to be impossible to find someone in a bad mood. We started our Saturday at the festival by heading to the Main Stage to checkout the young rising star Oliver Heldens.

It is very important for a DJ with an early time slow to set the tone and get people so excited for the next 2 days. Oliver did that exactly by playing some amazing house; it was perfect to start the day. Next, we ventured over to The Boat stage for some chill trap courtesy of Lindsay Lowend.


The transition from Heldens to Lowend was perfect because both artists maintained a great opening and refreshing set. The Boat was the first stage you pass as you enter the festival and for everyone that showed up early on Saturday, they were immediately sucked into the vibes of Lowend. Next up on The Boat was the UK Duo, Let’s Be Friends.


These guys completely switched things up from Lowend’s chill bass music, to some high flying energetic bangers! LBF incorporates a ton of edits in their sets, and #MLUSA was no different for them. Editing the famous sample of ‘We Are Your Friends’ to ‘We Are Let’s Be Friends’ in their intro, everyone at the stage started to get very excited for this amazing weekend. Playing tracks from so many genres, LBF controlled the crowd perfectly and we were extremely lucky enough to grab an interview with the guys.

But before our interview with LBF, we headed to the magical world of Q-Dance. We were greeted at the stage by Kutski slaying the crowd with some aggressive hardstyle.


It was exactly what we expected there as everyone was stomping and shuffling, and everyone seemed to be completely unified by the hardstlye beats. The Q-Dance stage might have had the friendliest people as everyone gave everyone enough room to dance, glove, hoop, etc.
Between our interview with LBF & Figure, we happened to run into Fedde Le Grand who was very nice and agreed to take a few pics with us.



Interviewing Let’s Be Friends and FIGURE were absolute pleasures and it was great to learn so much about the guys. After those interviews, we shot back to Q-Dance for the Dutch superstar Brennan Heart.


Probably the best part of his set was when he dropped his track ‘Imaginary’ and had the crowd singing along the whole time. Not only was the crowd super energetic in singing the track, but there were so many blow up animals and toys being tossed around the stage; it was pure madness and everyone was loving it.

Next up was our interview with the bass friendly Zomboy.


After that interview, we headed back to The Boat for FIGURE’s set. As he slayed the crowd with bass heavy track after bass heavy track, you could tell the crowd was really getting into the music. Switching up between some rap, trap, dub, and drumstep, he had complete control and everyone was loving it. I wish I could tell you my favorite moment of the set but I can’t because every second was pure magic.


After FIGURE, we headed to the Main Stage to see some of Showtek’s set.


You could tell the Dutch Duo was very prepared to destroy the Main Stage as they dropped festival banger after festival banger. Highlight of their set was them dropping ‘Bouncer’, their collab with Ookay.

After the Main Stage, we went back to Q-Dance to be serenaded by Sylence.


The crowd was so amped, Sylence was so amped, and it was a perfect atmosphere. Oh, and the lights and lasers were absolutely mind-blowing!


Next up was Zomboy at The Boat. The crowd was so ready for some absolute madness and he definitely provided that with some extremely bass heavy tracks!

After Zomboy, we stayed at The Boat for Big Gigantic.


Mysteryland USA was all about trying new things, and this was one of them for me. I had never listened to a Big Gigantic song ever, and I honestly didn’t see how a drummer and a guy on the sax could get me amped up; boy was I wrong. They were quite possibly the best way to end my Saturday as they played such amazing music. They played a ton of their own tracks (which I really enjoyed) as well as incorporating popular samples like Jay-Z, Macklemore and others. I am so glad I stayed for their set because I am now a new fan of the guys!

Sunday, the final day, was no different than the first two days and nights we spent on these legendary grounds. Campers were exchanging food and drinks, sharing everything they had brought with them. We also met a couple of guys who offered to take a few shots with us. Festival-goers were complimenting one another’s outfits, asking to take pictures with complete strangers, and speaking to each other as if they were life long friends.
Our Sunday started super early, even earlier then the festival itself as we had an early interview with Dutch rising stars Mightyfools. These guys were so excited to be at Mysteryland and their excitement really got myself & Izzy excited for their opening set on the Main Stage.

Like I said earlier, the opening set of the day is very crucial to set a positive tone for the whole day. Mightyfools came well prepared with some energetic music!


After Mightyfools successfully opened up Day 2 on the Main Stage, we headed to our interview with LOUDPVCK.


Next up was Branchez at The Boat. Branchez threw down a great set with some energetic trap, some chill trap, and some awesome club music. Besides the crowd greatly enjoying the awesome music, you could tell that even Branchez was having a great time, which definitely makes the set even better.


After that, we headed to our interview with hardstyle phenom, Wildstylez. It was an absolute pleasure to meet him and learn so much about him, his style, and his future plans.

After the interview, we headed back to The Boat for a musical journey with the duo of Milo & Otis.


Before our interview with Milo & Otis, we went to checkout Stana & Mr. Skeleton at the Q-Dance stage. Seeing these guys were great because we heard so many great hardstyle tracks, most of which were all new to my ears.



We also checked out the homies from gLAdiator destroy The Boat before their combined set with LOUDPVCK under the name GLADPVCK.


Now we had our interview with Milo & Otis.


After that interview, it was finally time for GLADPVCK! You could tell that when these 4 combine on stage, the result was absolute madness!


It was a perfect set as each member switched back and fourth between the decks while still maintaining an amazing vibe.

On our way to interview gLAdiator, we ran into none other than Dillon Francis and also Paper Diamond!



Dan & Ian from gLAdiator quite possibly are the funniest guys in EDM. They started the interview by petting/feeding a plastic pink deer.



As the sun began to set on the final day of the first ever Mysteryland USA, it was time for Flosstradamus to slay the main stage with their signature trap sound. They definitely set the tone for what would be a very energetic final few hours.

After Floss, it was time for Dillon Francis to take the Main Stage where he played his collab with Martin Garrix.


Dillon & Floss both had the task of playing the Main Stage separately before combining their skills to form DILLSTRADAMUS, when they played the closing set on The Boat.

After those sets on the Main Stage, we were extremely lucky enough to get a very quick interview with festival gods Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike.


These guys definitely know how to party, as the first thing they said upon entering the interview room was ‘Let’s take some shots!’ We only had a few minutes to chat as their set time was quickly approaching but it was still a great experience and we were able to find out more about the brothers.

After the interview, we saw some of Paper Diamond & Moby’s sets, walked around the festival grounds, and then headed to the Main Stage for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s amazing set. 60 minutes was clearly not enough time for the guys, as everyone couldn’t get enough of the festival anthems being played by the brothers. Highlight of their set was their throwback tribute to the 1969 Woodstock with Jackson Airplane’s ‘Somebody To Love.

After aggressively dancing for an hour to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s set, we opted next for some bass friendly music courtesy of Chase & Status, followed by DILLSTRADAMUS! The sight of the crowd at The Boat was great during these sets because you could tell everyone there was 200% into the music.


After we got a good dose of DILLSTRADAMUS, we walked back to the Main Stage for the special closing ceremony with Kaskade. He played the perfect finale set with tons of his own hits, alongside with very memorable tracks. It was a very magical moment to see Kaskade close out the first ever Mysteryland USA.


And then….the Closing Ceremony.

From the moment we arrived until the moment we left, there was an overwhelming amount of peace, love, unity, and respect coming from every attendee and staff member. The happiest and most welcoming of vibes were radiating throughout the entire festival, and Mysteryland USA definitely made history in Woodstock all over again.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!