[FITA Premiere] 5 & A Dime and Fatblake – Swell (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Coming off a brief hiatus to focus on his schooling, the mashup maniac, 5 & a Dime, has teamed up with Australia’s own teen prodigy producer, Fatblake, to drop this funky new original, which has been in the works for nearly a year. The pair describes the track as a “mix between electro and progressive house, with a hint of complextro.” It certainly is a unique groove, and has us and the rest of #BASSMOB wondering what the future of 5 & a Dime’s sound will come to be. With a promise of more music on the way, we’ll just have to wait it out. Until then, we’ll be bumping “Swell” in anticipation for more. Check out the track above for yourself, and be sure to scope the free download below. Enjoy, friends.

Download: 5 & a Dime and Fatblake – Swell (Original Mix)

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