The Chainsmokers Sign 7-Figure Record Deal

The Chainsmokers Record Deal

Congrats, and well deserved!

Billboard has reported that selfie-masters,The Chainsmokers, have signed publishing and label deals with Sony/ATV and Republic, respectively, each for over $1 million.

So far, the crazy successful “#SELFIE” has been downloaded over 725,000 times, has peaked at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100, and has been viewed on YouTube over 100 million times. And these numbers come without including the numerous superb remixes that have made The Chainsmokers perennials in the world of electronic music.

According to Sony/ATV’s chairman/CEO, Martin Bandier, the group had actually been on the company’s radar for months before “#SELFIE” was released, citing a string of successful remixes.

Admittedly, and quite ironically, the breakout track was created as a joke in “literally an hour,” says the duo’s manager, Adam Alpert. While remixes may have put The Chainsmokers on the map, “#SELFIE” was the cherry on top.

Martin Bandier adds,

“We were already in talks but this added whipped cream to the cake…It made us add a little more money to the deal. I do mean a little.”

With these deals, it looks like the “#selfie made men” will look to enjoy further respect across the industry, from artists and labels alike.

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