Dr. Dre Won’t Be Hip Hop’s First Billionaire… Yet


Hold up there Dre. Before you go telling everyone that your deal with Apple will make you Hip Hop’s first Billionaire, you might want to check your numbers first…or have someone check them for you.

According to Forbes, Dre owns relatively 25% of stock in Beats and with the sale of Beats to Apple for $3.2 Billon, Dre will gross about $800 million. After taxes, Dre will net close to $430 million, but with his assets and royalties, Forbes brought Dre’s worth back up to $800 million. Close, but not quite the ten digit figure that was initially thrown out there. Dre’s quite the entrepreneur, so I’m sure he’ll find a way to lock in the title as Hip Hop’s first Billionaire…the only question is how long will it take him!?

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