Dr. Dre Sells Beats to Apple, Becomes First Billionaire in Hip Hop

Less than one year ago, Forbes asked Diddy if he would be Hip Hop’s first billionaire. Today we have the answer to that very question: No. Dr. Dre, a close second to Diddy’s net worth as measured by Forbes, has taken to YouTube to announce the sale of Beats Electronics to Apple for the low price of $3.2B (that’s BILLION). We can only speculate as to what this may mean for the pricing and manufacturing of Beats hardware, but it’s comforting to know that Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine will be joining Apple as well as a creative advisor to Tim Cook, the late Steve Job’s replacement.

You’ve definitely seen people on campus/the street/at basketball games wearing the iconic head gear, hell you might have a pair of your own, but Beats Electronics have progressed much further than headphones since it’s inception. This deal is all inclusive of headphones and earbuds, iPod docks and Bluetooth speakers, audio engines in computers advertising Beats Audio, and their most recent endeavor, Beats Music streaming service.

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