CRNKN – The Clearing EP [Free Download]

Get your free copy of CRNKN‘s new EP The Clearing. This fresh sound is full of bass. I think the tracks get better and better as the EP progresses. He talks about The Clearing here:

With The Clearing I wanted to try and distance myself from whatever preconceived notions people had / have about the kinds of music that I make. It’s really important to have room to experiment and grow as an artist, so with this release I’m hoping to lay the groundwork for that. There are a lot of really cool kinds of music, and I like making all of them. Putting a qualitative label on creativity is like putting a square peg in a round hole. Just doesn’t work.

iTunes: CRNKN – The Clearing EP

Download: Far, Hidden & Away (Intro)
Download: Enter An Exit
Download: Stumbling
Download: To Run
Download: Conflict
Download: The Clearing (Outro)

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