Deadmau5 Attacks Universal For ‘Now That’s What I Call EDM 2014’

Now edm

It appears the trollmaster himself is now the victim of the ultimate troll. Joel Zimmerman, known best as Deadmau5, is the poster boy for non-commercialism in EDM as demonstrated by his constant twitter ranting and his troll on Avicci and Martin Garrix at Ultra Music Festival in March.

Well, last month Universal Music Group’s Indian branch released a compilation of dance music hits called Now That’s What I call EDM 2014 and guess who’s leading the charge. Yep, Deadmau5′ track “Suckfest9001” has the number one spot on the track list followed by tracks from the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Afrojack, Tiesto, Avicci, Martin Garrix and others. Apparently, Deadmau5 just received the news yesterday and is disappointed to say the least. As usual, he took to twitter to rant about his involuntary involvement in the compilation. He calls the project a “pile o shit”, implies that it was his team and not him who participated, and even threatens a cease and decist against UMG. Read the entertaining tweets after the jump.

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