Chance The Rapper’s Brother Taylor Bennett Drops Hella Dope ‘Maistream Music’ Mixtape

By now, those of you that are fans of Chance The Rapper probably know that his brother, Taylor Bennett is also a very talented rapper. You can even hear the resemblance in the voice. But at the same time, Taylor Bennett is his own person. His own sound, his own flow, and his own name. And damn, does he kill it.

Chicago’s latest up and comer released his Mainstream Music project today and he completely delivers. The 14 track mixtape has no major features (Rockie Fresh, King Louie andothers makes appearances) – in fact, it doesn’t even have a verse from Chance. We’re guessing it’s because he wants to make it on his own accord, his own skill, and not have the critics saying “you’re only here because of your brother.” Nahhh, this project is ILL. The dude can flat out spit, just take a listen, you’ll see.

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