Paris Blohm – Sailing The Sky Ft. Mimi Page (Original Mix) [Free Download]

This amazing ambient track will be on repeat for the next couple days. Here is what Paris had to say about this masterpiece. When you are done reading/listening be sure to pick up the free download.

Having a background in all styles of electronic music, including downtempo/ambient, I’ve really missed making different kinds of music. While still staying true to my current sound, I wanted to take a different step for this instance, because as an artist I like to express myself differently at times. This isn’t to say i’m taking a different path, because i’m not. I’m just having fun with music, which is what it’s all about.

I also wanted to show people to not be afraid to take a step towards something else. There’s so much potential in ‘EDM’, and not many are taking advantage of it. We keep hearing the same rehashed sounds, melodies, and drops. I’m not bashing the scene by any means because i enjoy it a lot in certain circumstances, but i feel people are afraid to step outside the box. Aspiring producers should be limitless, because they are the future of the scene.

Download: Paris Blohm – Sailing The Sky Ft. Mimi Page (Original Mix)

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!