Simon Cowell Partners With SFX For ‘Ultimate DJ’ TV’s Electronic Music Competition


This week we say RIP to EDM as television’s newest competition was announced. According to The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, this is an electronic-music based project that Simon Cowell is said to have been working on since 2012, but was quickly shot down by the likes of Fatboy Slim, and others who were asked to be judges on the show.

Fast forward to the present, and we find that Cowell’s Syco Entertainment is indeed joining SFX Entertainment, and T-Mobile to finally produce the series for Ultimate DJ. Per usual, the competition is expected to begin with online user submissions where fans can vote via social media. The following rounds to include the live contest, with performances as well as production design set for SFX-owned venues and partners.

According to SFX CEO Robert Sillerman, “building a TV franchise in the USA is a key part” of his strategy to bring EMC to the world. Sillerman admires Cowell and Syco for their creative genius, and calls them in combination with T-Mobile’s CEO John Leger, “perfect partners”.

With his new partners, Sillerman plans to use Ultimate DJ as a channel for “challenging the status quo and pioneering new territory in business, media and entertainment.” I personally look forward to seeing the aspiring “DJs” that come out of the woodwork for this one.

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