Ultra Music Festival Will Stay In Miami

Ultra rukes

Remember when we trolled everyone and said Ultra 2015 was cancelled and would no longer be in Miami? Well, little did we know that there was actually a petition going around trying to take Ultra out of South Beach…oops. In any case, the Miami Commission met yesterday and ruled 4 to 1 that Ultra stay at Bayfront Park, despite Mayor Tomas Regalado and Commissioner, Marc Sarnoff being highly opposed to the festival. Mayor Regalado said:

Residents complain they are prisoners in their homes for three days..and when residents do go out they are harassed ‘by over-friendly young people.‘”

Right, because “over-friendly young people” are a bad thing!? Anyways, Ultra will be in South Beach come March 2015, and looks to stay there for the foreseeable future, so get ready to pack your bags cause we’re going south for one of the World’s biggest festivals!


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