Nas is Working with Timbaland on a New Album

nas and timbaland

If you consider yourself any measure of a Hip Hop head, then you’re well aware that we are still celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Nas‘ highly-acclaimed Illmatic. If you haven’t checked out the album’s re-release under the title IllmaticXX, then go ahead and drop yourself some knowledge after the jump.

All history aside, Nasty Nas has some new material he’s focusing on, and he’s recruited none other than super producer Timbaland for the job. Nas had the following to say regarding his TBA project with NPR:

“I started working with [Timbaland] I want to say a year and a half ago. I think it was the same year I dropped my last album, Life is Good.”

A year and a half ago? How has this been off our radar until now?

“I stepped back from it, I just need a minute to take it all in, just live a little and enjoy day-by-day stuff and daily stuff I’m doing. I didn’t want to go back in the studio that quick. I felt like I needed to be inspired.”

I think we can all agree we’re glad this collaboration is back on track. Again, if you haven’t hit up the re-release of Illmatic yet, have at it below.

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