OCD: Moosh & Twist’s ‘Living Out Loud’ Album Is Out, Features Hoodie Allen & Jared Evan

ocd moosh n twist out loud

Congrats to OCD: Moosh & Twist on their new album, Living Out Loud! A series of music videos dating back to 2013 have been slowly showing us how the longtime blogstars have taken their music to the next level. From “All That I Know” with Hoodie Allen, to “I Got It” and finally “Unstoppable” earlier this month, we knew this project would be off the hook. And damn does it deliver. It’s only flaw? That it’s only 7 tracks – but that also means it’s only $4.99! So what are you waiting for? Support the dudes that have given us so much free music to date. They deserve it. You can also stream it below after the jump.

iTunes: OCD: Moosh & Twist – Living Out Loud (Album)

Stream: OCD: Moosh & Twist’s ‘Living Out Loud’ Album:

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