Was Daft Punk At Coachella 2014?


Us common folk (those that didn’t make it out to Indio, CA this year) couldn’t follow Weekend 2 of Coachella as well as Weekend 1. Yes, there was a stream, but it was only to a select few that had the right cable network, channel, etc. Needless to say, we were not one of those people.

And although the second weekend of the festival should have mostly mimicked the first, word is that was not the case, especially when it came to the end.

There are plenty of reports, photos, vines, etc. coming through showing what to the naked eye definitely appears to be Daft Punk, as has been rumored for years, especially last year.

They came out with Arcade Fire, and supposedly “performed” “Get Lucky” …

Remember, Daft Punk wear masks, so technically it could be anyone under those masks and the band could just be trolling Coachella and naturally, the internet (us). What makes things even harrier, is apparently they thanked “Paft Dunk” and not “Daft Punk” at the conclusion?

And if you actually look at the videos after the jump, there is no actual button pushing and something just doesn’t feel right. Even VEVO assumes that Arcade Fire just “punk’d Coachella.” We’re pretty certain it’s just a major case of trolling, but, see for yourself below.

See “evidence” through photos and videos of “Paft Dunk” at Coachella:


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