WRLD’s First Single “If U Wanna” Is Must Hear Electronic Awesomeness

I don’t care that this is like 25 days old, it’s great new music from an artist you will surely be hearing plenty of in the future. So let us introduce to you WRLD. He’s 16. And just released his first single, “If U Wanna” at the end of March. He only has 243 likes on Facebook, and a mere 67 followers on Twitter. But I’m sure all that will soon change.

“If U Wanna” is super fun and energetic, futurisitc and groovy – basically an electronic gold mine. It reminds us of Wave Racer who took the net by storm not too long ago with “Streamers” but of course with his own flair. You can grab this one for free via his FB, but also support on Bandcamp below.

Download: WRLD – If U Wanna | Bandcamp

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