Watch As Gareth Emery Goes “Off The Grid,” Releases New Song “Isolate” For Free

Magnetic Magazine teamed up with Complex TV for a six part mini series called “Off The Grid” where Gareth Emery “steps out of his urban music studio comfort zone and into a distant and remote location with only a small mobile studio set-up to produce a new electronic music track inspired by his natural surroundings.”

As the final part of the series, “he sheds some light on his dynamic and visionary thought process as well as a bit of the technical and neoteric procedures he’s incorporated into his new track” “Isolate” which you can hear above and download below. You can catch the full series (minus Episode 1?) after the jump.

Gareth Emery’s new album Drive is out now, and you can stream it here, and buy it here.

Download: Gareth Emery – Isolate

Watch the “Off The Grid” series:

Episode 1
No longer available…?

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

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