Coachella 2014 Weekend 1 Review And Recap


Coachella 2014 was nothing short of spectacular. Sure, everyone says that year after year, but in all honesty, it’s the truth. Coachella never ceases to disappoint. I roughed it for four days on the campgrounds, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way…everything about the experience was just stellar. Here’s a breakdown of Weekend 1, and for those of you going Weekend 2, pay close attention, because there are definitely some hidden gems in it’s lineup. Read the review after the jump!

Weekend One Review:

Day 1

Duke Dumont – Probably one of the most chill DJ sets I heard all week. Check him out in the Yuma Tent for sure!

Nicolas Jar – This aussie knows how to throw it down! He mixes live, with incredible builds and basslines, it’s tough not to just get lost in his music. Very underrated, so give him a look when you’re there.

Gareth Emery – Does he ever not bring it hard in the paint!? Fresh off his album release (Drive), Gareth threw it down in the Sahara Tent. Yes, go see him.

Martin Garrix – Holy F*CK!!! It blows my mind he’s only 18 and he can move a crowd like he does. The Sahara tent was literally packed FULL to see Garrix, and rightfully so because he put on one of my favorite shows of the weekend. Kid’s got so much talent it’s unreal!

Flume – I missed…the tent was PACKED with people. Even the spaces outside were full, unless you were there 3 sets before, there was no chance you were getting a spot. I heard it was an unreal set, though, so if you’re going weekend 2, definitely make sure to see Flume.

– Meh. Nothing special here. Yes I know it’s Outkast, but I was underwhelmed by their performance. Go see them, just so you can say you saw Outkast, but don’t set your expectations too high

Day 2

GTA – Yes, yes and yes. Go f*cking see them. Perfect way to get hyped for the rest of day two.

Dillon Francis – Put on the second best show of the weekend. Hands down one of my favorite sets of Coachella. Why? Because he’s Dillon Francis and half of his set was new, unreleased tracks that will blow your mind!

RL Grime – Killed it, but nothing to write home about. If you have scheduling conflicts, don’t feel bad about missing RL Grime…although he did play a great set, so it’s really a toss up here.

Lorde – Yup. No if’s, and’s or but’s here…go see Lorde!

Galantis – Heard it was a great set, but didn’t make it in time (too busy drinking at the camp ground), but if you have time go see Galantis,..heard nothing but great things.

Skrillex – STOLE THE SHOW OF COACHELLA. This was above and beyond the best set I saw. Ya, ya, hate because Skrillex is so mainstream and of course I’d say it was the best. Honestly, he brought the fire for every single second of the show, touched on basically every genre of EDM, got on stage played the electric guitar during the finale, and brought out ASAP Rocky to play “Wild For The Night.” Tell me this doesn’t sound legendary. Well it was. Gold star on this one.

Empire of the Sun – Umm wow. Basically speechless. They KILLED IT. Got everyone so amped for Skillex, I would highly recommend seeing them because their set was legendary.

Pharrell – Didn’t see because he conflicted with Empire. Heard it was tight though, so if you’re in the same predicament I was in, I can’t help you here…I saw Empire.

Muse – This is one of the few times you’ll ever get to see Muse, however I chose Skrillex, and glad I did. Didn’t hear too much about Muse, but then again – to each their own.

Day 3

Showtek – Party central. Dragging and need a “pick-me-up”, go see Showtek. Non-stop energy from start to finish

Krewella – No real scheduling conflicts with them, so go camp out at Sahara, see Showtek and then Krew right after. You won’t be disappointed.

Ugh! Such a toss up between Alesso and Floss…I’ve seen them both before, but I went with Floss at Coachella. Didn’t disappoint at all…but you could go either way on this one…guess it just depends how long you want to spend in the Sahara Tent (Showtek, Krewella and Alesso is a long time in that tent!)

Calvin Harris – Rumors are he had the second largest crowd in Coachella history, so ya, go see him. He killed his set and brought the fire…literally everyone at Coachella was there and dancing.

Lana Del Rey – Going from an upbeat set like Calvin to a mellowed out set from Lana was tough, but worth the show I guess. If you’ve got no-one better to see, Lana is a safe bet.

Disclosure – DO NOT MISS THIS SET! So epic on all levels. They even brought out a surprise guest too (no it wasn’t Daft Punk), but go see their set and you’ll see.

Duck Sauce – I was cashed by the time they went on but I heard their set from the camp grounds and it was massive and epic. If you have the energy, let Duck Sauce close out your Coachella 2014…you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!