Introducing: Ethic – What Ya Call Me EP + Interview


With heaps more next-level material due in the coming months, Ethic is at the very start of an exciting career. Fully representing Dub Police’s dedication to the next generation, his reputation as a key artist to watch in 2014 deserves every slice of hype and more!

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1) What’s the meaning behind your name?
I was in a religious education lesson back in high school and had just started learning to mix records, so was thinking about what I could have for a DJ name. There were a few ideas but then the teacher started talking about ‘religious ethics’ and how ethics were moral beliefs for people etc. I thought to myself, well I feel so passionate about mixing music that is kind of my moral belief, in a way. It really stuck from there and I was always happy with the name!

2) What gets you most amped during a live set?
It’s always the crowd man, always! When you know the next track you’re about to play, it’s so exciting knowing you might just send a few people crazy in a minute. Or you might make them leave the room ha.

3) What is your favorite performance to date?
There can only be one for me and that was playing in Room 1 at Fabric for the Dub Police Takeover back in June 2013. It’s so special because I went raving there all the time since I was 18, saw so many of my idols perform and I still go there sometimes now. To finally get the chance to step up to the decks in that room was truly an honour for me. I dreamed of that, so it really meant a lot, and my Dad was in the DJ booth that night which was awesome!

4) Favorite song to play live?
I don’t think I have one particular song I favour over the rest, but ‘Get It Now’ by Oiki and ‘I Would Have Loved You’ by Subscape are big players, plus my lead track for the EP ‘What Ya Call Me’ is a fave to play.

5) Who do you look to for inspiration?
Probably an obvious answer but I really do get my inspiration from Dub Police. The artists on the label are all individually unique and make great music so I take a lot from listening to what they all make. I tend to listen to stuff like House, Hip Hop and Indie, and try to take ideas from it all, there’s inspiration everywhere!

6) What’s the furthest from home you’ve traveled for a show?
All my gigs so far have been in the UK so not too much to travel, I guess Manchester is about the furthest so a few hundred miles from home. I’m new to the label so I hope in time opportunities will open up to perform abroad, but for now it’s UK based gigs.

7) Festival season is coming up, which one are you looking forward to the most?
Glastonbury! I missed out last year but I’m all set for this year. Incredible festival, plus I’ve got a load of mates going, so that’s the one I’m most excited for.

8) What are you working on now?
I’ve got a remix of a Stenchman track that should be out on Antics Records this Summer, but I’m really focusing on making my next EP for Dub Police. That’s most important for me at this time.

9) Anything that you’re particularly excited about for 2014?
Well I’m currently talking to you from Copacabana Beach in Rio which was one of my highlights of 2014 for sure! We’ve got the Dub Police London Warehouse Special at the end of April and a few more Dub Police events throughout the year to look forward to.

10) If you could collab with anyone in the industry, who would it be?
If I could choose it would probably be Dismantle. He’s a great producer, and adds a nice dance flavour to his Dubstep. I reckon that would be a big tune!

11) How do you feel about the growth of dubstep? Where do you see it going?
Of course it’s good to see the genre grow into a worldwide scene, it’s so diverse now which for me makes it so interesting. At the same time though, so much music and so many producers releasing online nowadays can make it difficult to find those big tunes when there’s so much to search through! Where Dubstep is going is a tough question. I mean it’s come so far in such a short time, I’m sure it will continue to have fans and keep its place in the dance music scene. But it seems to be forever changing with new production styles so I’d imagine this diversity within the genre will continue, that can only be a good thing!

12) What are your future plans?
As mentioned, I’m looking to the next EP release with Dub Police so am working on tunes for that. I hope to write a couple of collabs with other artists on the label, but most of all just to enjoy the music and have fun with it!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!